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Lynn R. Wells Hi, I'm Lynn R. Wells. I started The Chi Machine Shop web site after getting great results using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and would like to share my story with you.

I am a licensed massage therapist and have been helping people with their aches and pains for over a decade now. In 2005 I began experiencing severe back pain that was nearly debilitating. I had an MRI taken and it showed four out of five of my lumbar disks were bulging, two of which were touching spinal nerves. I worked with those conditions for two years while incorporating more exercise and alternative therapies into my life but I wasn't getting any better. In fact, I was getting worse and thought I would have to shut down my business.

I heard about The Chi Machine and decided to purchase one. After using it 20 minutes a day for three months I began to feel much better, the pain that had caused me to contemplate closing my business was gone. I was pain-free but wanted some confirmation so I had another MRI taken.

The second MRI showed only two slightly bulging disks, neither of which were touching spinal nerves. My Neurosurgeon reviewed my earlier MRI and the latest one and said I had shown, "dramatic improvement."

Today I continue to work as a massage therapist, helping others and doing what I love thanks to my Chi Machine. I may be over-the-hill but I'm ready for the next hill life has to offer.

I encourage you to review all of the quality HTE products on the site and take some time to view the inspirational and informative video clips.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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