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Chi Machine Reviews and Testimonials from Health Care Providers and Other Professionals

The testimonials below are from people in a wide variety of health care and other professions who use Sun Ancon Sun Harmony Chi Machines either themselves or in their practices and have realized the many health benefits that can be derived from regular use.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

Renny Mayer
EMT, Reiki Master
West Bend, WI

"After my EMT work, my field is shaken loose of mental and emotional debris, by using the Chi Machine. For my Reiki clients, the relaxation on the Chi Machine clears their energy field quickly to prepare them for a hands-on-healing session."

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Emotional Stress Therapists

Janice Erickson
Emotional Stress Therapist, Iridologist, Master Herbalist
Centerville, Utah

"I use the Chi Machine and the Hot House on all of my clients. They feel the benefits right away, and love the way they make them feel. The chi machine is excellent in helping clients when they are doing their emotional stress releasing."

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Energy Healers

Terry Kreft
Energy Healer
St. Paul, MN 55104

"I have used The Chi Machine personally and have noticed improved respiration, appetite suppression, and lessening of my chronic lower back pain. I find it very relaxing and enjoy using it before bed. One of my cats loves it too. As a Feng Shui Consultant, I also appreciate the very concrete way it gets the Chi moving in my home. I have done energy work on a few clients while they were using The Chi Machine. I believe The Chi Machine's relaxing effect along with the movement of energy makes my work more effective."

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Carolyn Childress
Licensed Esthetician
Dallas, TX

"I was first interested in trying out a Chi Machine because of the reported benefits; for people suffering with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome, like myself. I wasn't sleeping well, and having disturbing dreams, so I made an appointment for a demonstration with my friend, Ruth Lipscomb.

After talking with Ruth on the phone, I was on the Internet and was about to look up the Chi website, when I got sidetracked and looked up the site of a skin care line in Dallas instead. As a newly license esthetician in business for myself, I spend a lot of time in research. Coincidentally, the testimony of this colleague revealed that she used the Chi Machine at home every morning and evening and in her practice to relax her clients before facials! I was sold. I signed up as a Distributor, and ordered a machine for my business and myself.

I received my Chi one short week after ordering it and am happy to report that I am sleeping much better and waking more refreshed. I plan to use it as an 'Add-On' to my facial services to relax and benefit my clients as well."

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Family Physicians

Anne May, M.D.
Family Physician- Board Certified
Tulsa, OK 74137

"I am using both The Chi Machine and HotHouse as adjunctive therapy for management of chronic pain and musculo-skeletal pain."

Shivinder S. Deol, M.D.
President, Kern Academy of Family Physicians since 1977
Diplomate, American Academy of Family Physicians
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Member, American College of Advancement in Medicine
Bakersfield, CA

"My focus has shifted radically in the last few years from treating diseases to preventing diseases by using natural therapies as a primary way to reduce disease and suffering.

My patients have been experiencing great success with The Chi Machine & FIR HotHouse. I am offering free trials to most of my patients and letting them feel the immediate benefits in the office. I am truly convinced that these units can help relieve numerous health challenges for a lot of people naturally. My wife is using the Total Health Spa and loves it!"

Gaylene Soloniuk-Tays MD
Family Practice
Visalia, CA

"The Chi Machine is effective in treating my patients with stress. Also personally when I am under pressure in the office, ten minutes on my Chi Machine helps me to return to my work invigorated. I'm impressed with the Chi Machine and HotHouse and I am incorporating both of them into my practice."

Dan Harper, M.D.
Family Physician
San Diego, CA

In reference to The Chi Machine..."I have had patients that lost over 30 pounds in less than two months that couldn't walk due to vascular ischemia or osteoarthritis... Edema was markedly reduced in all cardiac and lymphedema clients. I have also used it in my cancer patients to increase blood flow to the tissues to get more Natural Killer Cells to the tumor site, and to remove blocked lymphatics so that more tumor cells could be removed by the enzymes and phagocytic cells. Some clients commented on better memory as cerebral circulation improved. In short, every organ system of the body is enhanced, including the immune system."

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Michel DeLisle
Firefighter / Paramedic
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"Firefighting is historically very hard on the cardiovascular systems of the firefighters. Chronic illness involving the heart and lungs is common in older and retired personnel. The Chi Machine not only prepares us to enter hazardous environments and work hard, it works to reverse the effects of our job that would normally result in chronic lung or heart disease."

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Healing Touch Practitioners

Dianne Mullins, RN, MS
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Hastings, Nebraska

"As an aid to my work as a Healing Touch Practitioner, I use the chi machine regularly to help keep my own energy flowing and stable. I plan to utilize the chi machine with my clients to enhance and maintain the effects of the energy work."

Angela Niedling CHTP
Angel Links thru Energy
Healing Touch Practitioner
Ontario, Canada

"My Spiritual Life Coach bought a Chi Machine and I had the privilege of trying it. It relaxed me so much that I had a huge emotional release from a churning anger inside that had resulted from childhood traumas. What a gift that release was!!! What a healing. I have recently purchased my own Chi Machine and am now sharing it with my clients. After using my Chi Machine for a few weeks, my hip pain from a car accident 3 years ago is almost completely gone. Also, I only have one lung due to an operation to remove a carcinoid tumor about 20 years ago, and get easily fatigued due to lack of oxygen, especially on humid days. Recently, when we had a humid day, I got on The Chi Machine and could feel the oxygen filling up my body. I was revitalized and got my energy back!

My 73 year old mother has degenerative discs and is in tremendous pain all of the time. She has tried The Chi Machine for 5 minutes 3 times now and she has noticed a shift in her pain. She is able to sit longer and her flexibility has improved. We are grateful for the improvements thus far and look forward to her continued healing.

I have a client that has had a stroke and the right side of his face is numb so much so that his mouth droops downward. He rides horses and gets very stiff afterwards. He tried The Chi Machine for 5 minutes and the result was amazing. He had feeling back in his face and he began to slur his words. He said that the only time he slurs his words is when he gets tired. I said well that's a good sign it means you are totally relaxed.?He stood up and felt wonderful and could feel the energy in his face. It was very exciting. He felt completely relaxed and at ease."

Dorothy E. Morgan
Healing Touch Practitioner

"I am finding The Chi Machine to be a very effective way of integrating the energetic and healing shifts that take place during a session. Therefore, I use the machine after an EDxTM treatment and after taking essences to help incorporate those shifts more fully into the person's body and energy fields. On a personal note, I am having great results with using the machine to treat my cat as well. He simply sits on my stomach/chest while I am using The Chi Machine and as soon as the machine starts, he begins purring loudly."

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Health Care Directors

Kathy Finnson
Riverdale Place Homes Inc.
Executive Director
Mannitoba, Canada

"As an administrator of health care facilities for mentally challenged adults, I am always looking for ways to improve quality of life for our residents. After using the Chi Machine myself for the last two weeks, I can see how beneficial it will be in our homes. This is truly a remarkable device! I find it eases muscle tension, increases energy and provides an overall feeling of well being. The Chi Machine certainly has the potential to have a very positive impact here."

Lois Weigand
Help & Hope
Wickliffe, Ohio

"Since adding the ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZER to our recommendations for our clients we are seeing faster and more dramatic benefits for a wide range of conditions. Just two examples will illustrate. The first was a lady with rheumatoid arthritis who after using the ERE just one time felt significant relief of her pain and reported that she had the best night's sleep in years. Since then she purchased an ERE of her own and after just five days reported that she was able to reduce her medication by fifty percent and still enjoy significant reduction of pain. The second is a male in his seventies who still works as a manufacturer's representative and drives many hours each day. For years he has gripped the steering wheel with his right hand while he drives. But his right wrist had become so painful that it was becoming extremely difficult for him to continue driving and working. He used the ERE only a few times and already is almost completely pain free. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the successful results the Electro Reflex Energizer is producing."

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Janice Erickson
Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Emotional Stress Therapist
Centerville, Utah

"I use the Chi Machine and the Hot House on all of my clients. They feel the benefits right away, and love the way they make them feel. The chi machine is excellent in helping clients when they are doing their emotional stress releasing."

Sandy Schafer
Marietta, OH

"I have used the Chi Machine for many years now. It has helped relieve back and neck pain experienced as a result of an automobile accident. I also believe that the half-hour I use the Chi Machine three days a week does, in fact, equate to walking 3 miles company claims."

Amalia Mangelsdorf
Herbalist, Reflexologist, Nurse
Charlestown, Indiana

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I have found this product marvelous, especially the Electro Reflex Energizer. It captivated me when I used it from always being tired from my feet, and it was incredible the relief that I felt.

As a professional of health I have studied reflexology and I believe that this is an incredible invention that helps problems of circulation and many other problems. I have many patients that I am promoting to them to use it. I recommend it extensively."

[Spanish version]

"He encontrado algo maravilloso en esto productos, la Electro reflex me cautivo, la use cuando estaba cansadisima de mis pies, y fue increible el alivio que senti. Como profesional de la salud he esudiado la reflexologia podal, y creo que esto es invento increible que ayudara a muchos problemas de circulacion y muchos otros mas. Tengo muchos pacientes y estoy tratando de hacer que ellos la usen, la recomiendo ampliamente."

Maria Magdalena Omtiveros

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I use the Chi Machine with my patients to release stress. The Chi Machine helps women to keep a healthy womb."

[Spanish version]

"Mi testimonio respecto a la Chi Machine es que en el corto tiempo de uso me a dado resultados maravillosos. En mi ser he sentido una desimflamacion formidable. En mi matriz he desechado mucha suciedad. En mis clientas le ha disminuido la migrana."

Maria Luisa Gutierrez

"I use the Chi Machine with my patients very often and they feel that the Chi Machine exercise has reduced their back pain, headaches, waist pain and dizziness."

Maria Rivero
San Diego, CA

"I use The Chi Machine with my patients in order to relax them before their therapy. The Chi Machine makes my job easier and more enjoyable to my patients."

Vicky Loredo LPN
Midland, TX

"I have used The Chi Machine with a couple of my patients and it has been very successful. One of the children I've worked with has problems walking and ever since he started using The Chi Machine, his digestive system has been a lot better overall. He doesn't have constipation anymore and the pain has diminished.

Another patient of mine had back problems; he use to have an excruciating pain and now he feels a lot better, without as much stress nor as much pain.

Thank You HTE for your fabulous machine."

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Holistic Health Practitioners

Carolyn Schroeder
Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist
San Diego, CA 92028

"I am a massage therapist and HHP and will be using this in my practice. Each time I have used it I have felt a rush of health, balance and well being and know that the same effect can be had by each of my clients."

Susan Ciesla
Holistic Health
Acting Executive Director
Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

"We are pleased to be able to offer the benefits of The Chi Machine to our many clients. Our's is a Holistic Healing Center which offers several healing modalities including, therapeutic massage, Healing Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture and energy work. Many of our students for Yoga, Meditation, T'ai Chi and Feldenkrais have begun to appreciate the increased awareness that they have of their body's energy and oxygen needs. This will be another service we can offer them.

On a personal note, after having spinal surgery in my neck 8 months ago, I am finding that the Chi machine is very helpful in helping me relax and re-energize. I enjoy using it!"

Marion Mahoney HHP
North County Holistic Center
Holistic Health Practitioner
Vista, CA 92084

"I recently purchased a Chi Machine for the benefit of my clients and myself. I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner practicing bodywork, yoga and nutritional counseling. I love my Chi Machine; I use it every morning when I wake up and again before I go to bed. My energy has increased and no more headaches!"

Maria Turnblom, MA
Holistic Health Practitioner
Falcon Height, MN

"'Change Making for Real' is a business that distills the finest of specialized kinesiology modalites, energy medicine and energy psychology, psychiosynthesis, esoteric healing, NLP and Hypnosis, and now has the Chi Machine and the HotHouse to enhance healings."

Shanda Hamon
Holistic Health Practitioner
San Diego, CA 92028

"I find The Chi Machine helps increase blood as well as lymphatic circulation similar to a full body massage. The Chi Machine also increases spinal mobility, and relaxes muscles so that I am able to give better massages. I place my customers on The Chi Machine before I perform my massages and I use it personally at the end of everyday. I also find the Chi Machine even helps relax my arms and hands after a long busy day."

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Pam Sale Owen
Mind Body Spirit Connection
"Helping create more peace and harmony, in mind, body and spirit"
Certified Hypnotherapist
Richmond, VA 23229

"I have been a certified massage therapist for 3 years and a certified hypnotherapist for 2 years. At the end of my day after giving therapeutic massages, my neck and back normally bother me. I began using the Chi Machine 3 weeks ago and have felt so much better while giving massages and also at the end of the day. I've begun using the Chi Machine in my massage practice with fibromyalgia clients and will begin incorporating the Chi Machine with my hypnotherapy clients to help them achieve a deeper level of relaxation prior to hypnosis."

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Janice Erickson
Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Emotional Stress Therapist
Centerville, Utah

"I use the Chi Machine and the Hot House on all of my clients. They feel the benefits right away, and love the way they make them feel. The chi machine is excellent in helping clients when they are doing their emotional stress releasing."

Ella Faye Holder
Certified Iridologist, Herbologist, and Nutritional Educator
Tomball, TX 77375

"I am a Certified Iridologist, Herbologist, and Nutritional Educator in the Houston area. I always demonstrate the Chi Machine and the Hot House to every new client who comes to me, and I always keep Chi Machines in stock because some will want to buy it immediately to take home with them when they experience the relaxation it affords them as well as removing tightness in their muscles and eliminates back pain almost immediately.

Also, I encourage them to let me order a Chi machine for them and charge it to their credit card if they cannot pay cash for the one I have in stock. If they are unable to purchase right away, I encourage them to order one as soon as they are able because of the many health benefits it offers. Several of my clients have purchased the Hot House because of sinus and bronchial problems they experience from time to time, and they get some immediate relief after being under the Hot House for even the first time.

I have had several clients who, after being on the Chi Machine for 5-8 minutes after their consultation with me have said it stopped their back pain right away! (Even the people who say they cannot afford to purchase a Chi Machine call back at some point and say they are ready to purchase it now because they could not forget how much better they felt. These machines absolutely sell themselves!!!"

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