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Chi Machine Reviews and Testimonials from Health Care Providers and Other Professionals

The testimonials below are from people in a wide variety of health care and other professions who use Sun Ancon Sun Harmony Chi Machines either themselves or in their practices and have realized the many health benefits that can be derived from regular use.

Massage Therapists

Massage and Healing Center
Richard & Allie Benson
Massage Therapists
Indianapolis, IN 46219

"We use the total health spa in our practice to treat clients who have certain issues that we cannot directly help them with through our regular massage.

Clients with issues such as osteoporosis, cancer, breathing problems, skin problems, lupus, certain physical handicaps, etc. In addition to helping us serve more clients this has added another line of revenue to our practice."

Sally Wimberly
Massage Therapist/ Reflexologist
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Prior to a session, I have my clients spend anywhere from 2-5 minutes on my chi machine. I encourage them to remain still after the machine shuts off until I come to get them. Calming music is playing in the background to add to their relaxation. I find this helps them relax and get prepared for the work ahead which is always more effective since they are already in a more calmative state."

Len & Janine Pypers
Janine Pypers Massage & Steam
Cameron Park, Ca. 95682

"We use the Chi Machine & hot house with our massages."

Kip Petch
The Athletic and Relaxation Massage Clinic
Massage Therapist
St. Alberta, Alberta Canada T8N1C7

"We use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse frequently at home and love them."

Maureane Dupuis
Registered Massage Therapist
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"I use the Total Health Spa daily for physical (aching joints) as well as mental & emotional (seratonins) healing. It provides a wonderful meditative safe place for spiritual contemplation as well.

I freely introduce the Total Health Spa and the HTE nutritional supplements to all my clients as well. When they are responsive, I encourage them to purchase it for themselves."

Denise Boyle
Massage Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

"My husband felt immediate relief from years of back pain and headaches during a trial period with The CHI MACHINE. We bought one immediately and now we both use it every day and I use it in my massage therapy practice."

Brian Beard, RMT, PEHA, NCBMTB
Registered Massage Therapist
LaCrosse, WI

"I have been very impressed with the results from the Chi Machine in use with myself and my family, so much so that I am going to be using it with clients in massage practice. I work in conjunction with two chiropractors that are open to this treatment and we are expecting great results."

Pam Sale Owen
Mind Body Spirit Connection
"Helping create more peace and harmony, in mind, body and spirit"
Certified Massage Therapist
Richmond, VA 23229

"I have been a certified massage therapist for 3 years and a certified hypnotherapist for 2 years. At the end of my day after giving therapeutic massages, my neck and back normally bother me. I began using the Chi Machine 3 weeks ago and have felt so much better while giving massages and also at the end of the day. I've begun using the Chi Machine in my massage practice with fibromyalgia clients and will begin incorporating the Chi Machine with my hypnotherapy clients to help them achieve a deeper level of relaxation prior to hypnosis."

Kitty S. Holzer
Massage Therapist
Health Hand Clinic
Wishek, North Dakota 58495

"I am a licensed massage therapist and my plans are to use the Chi machine at my clinic on my clients for many of their health and pain discomforts. I look forward to having many happy and pain relieved clients. The Chi Machine will also help me avoid the stress of trying to help people with hands only."

Dr. Rosalba Liberato
Massage Therapist and Nutritional Consultant
Choung Gui Nutrition Center
Chicago, IL 60629

"When I use The Chi-Machine it takes my hip pain and the stress away. It improves my insomnia and I am so happy because I had an ankle pain and now it's gone. I am using The Chi-Machine in my clinic to align the hip and column, and also to improve the energetic fluid as well as Stabilize the Chi."

Carolyn Schroeder
Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner
San Diego, CA 92028

"I am a massage therapist and HHP and will be using this in my practice. Each time I have used it I have felt a rush of health, balance and well being and know that the same effect can be had by each of my clients."

Michael Lyle
The Kenora Massage and Wellness Centre
Massage Therapist
Kenora, Ontario CA P9N1B2

"We have recently purchased a Total Health Spa for our business for two reasons. First off we have seen the benefits from long term use and are using the machines ourselves to prevent overuse injury or strain which is very common in massage. Secondly we are incorporating the machines into our business to aid our customers. We are confident that the Total Health Spa will reduce recovery times, and aid in injury prevention. As well as increase the comfort of our customers in there active daily living."

Jennifer Day, C.M.T.
Massage and Yoga by Jennifer Day
Massage Therapist
Plymouth, MN 55447

"The Chi Machine has been an awesome addition to my massage therapy business and in my home. Both my family and clients have had healing experiences using this device. It has done wonders for my mother in her relaxation, circulation, and assisting her in having a bowel movement. Clients have felt the energetic results within seconds of using this machine too."

Virginia M. Ingalls, N.D., M.T.
Massage Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

"I do lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Acupressure, reflexology, facials, and myofascial release therapy. I am completely sold on the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a tool in helping to keep the body healthy along with my other services to my patients."

Thomas W. Meyer
Massage Therapist
Shoreview, MN

"Since starting on the Combo in July 2003 I have lost 40 lbs, lowered my blood pressure from 150/90 to 114/70, lowered my cholesterol from 260 to 170 and my doctor said that my overall health is excellent and not to come back for 3 years. Now I am sharing this HTE information with my clients and making these machines available before and after massage."

Kristen Cooper
Massage Therapist, Reiki Master
San Jose, CA

"As a massage therapist and reiki master, I use my Chi Machine to balance and center myself. I also make it available to clients wishing to do the same."

Kathie Young
Massage Therapist
Windsor, CO

"Twyla lent the Chi Machine to my husband and me for a couple of weeks. We loved it! I really didn't want to give it back! (I loved how energetic I felt!) Now that I have ordered one of my own, I can't wait! I am a massage therapist, and I plan on using it in the office as well as at home. I am sure that my clients will love it as much as we do!"

Marci Malloy
Licensed Massage Therapist
Integrative Bodywork
Los Angeles, CA

"As a licensed massage therapist, I use several modalities of bodywork to relieve pain and restrictions from the bodies of my clients. One I like very much is CranioSacral Therapy. It is very gentle yet powerful for those suffering from migraines, MS, or muscle soreness from overuse or stress. I like to start the therapy by having my clients use The Chi Machine for two minutes. This helps them relax almost immediately, so that the therapy I use on the massage table works very well. I receive feedback of less nausea, more restful sleep, and muscle relaxation.

One client who does construction work, said he could feel relief in his shoulder almost immediately after being on The Chi Machine only two minutes.

I notice my personal life is more joyful as I use The Chi Machine two or three times a day for twenty minutes. It gives me a wonderful sense of well being."

Mary Jo Battey, C.M.T.
Massage Therapist
Therapy Associates
Rochester, MN 55906

"I am a Massage Therapist with a practice of 20 years. I'm interested in what The Chi Machine can do for my clients. I've had some interesting results with an ALS patient. When he was on the Chi Machine during a massage session, I noticed his body actually softened its contractions especially in the legs making it easier for me to work on him. I feel like I made progress! I was thinking how helpful it might be for my Fibromyalga clients and elderly clients that have a difficult time with movement. I'm thinking it might help them soften some of their rigid tissue through lack of mobility. I am looking forward to experiencing some positive results."

Uri Wallick, CMT
Massage Therapist
Anoka, MN

"It is my opinion as a CMT that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is a life long tool to good health maintenance. The body has an automatic set of responses to cell injury, primarily inflammation. The actions of the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system enhance repair to the cell injury. I am convinced the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, while causing no stress to the heart, increases the flow of oxygen of the blood and eliminates stagnation of lymph fluids. The rhythm enables the circulation of these fluid systems, which over time will cause a significant loss of weight when used on a regular daily basis. I highly recommend the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as a tool to achieve better health."

Laurie Schmitt, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Doniphan, NE

"As a massage therapist, using The Chi Machine before I go to work energizes me for the day, and then using The Chi Machine in the evening calms and relaxes me giving me an overall balanced feeling. After experiencing my own body's response from The Chi Machine, I'm hoping to use it in my practice for my clients. Also, my husband was a skeptic, but after using The Chi Machine, was excited to purchase it!"

Juliette Fitzgerald R.M.T
Massage Therapist
Canton, Texas

"I use the Chi machine on my clients prior to massage. It seems to relax the muscles surrounding the spine and the gentle wave motion seems to relax their mental attitude. My clients who receive a Chi treatment definitely get a more effective massage from me as a result."

Wendy Judson
Massage Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

"I use the Chi Machine as a way to wind down at the end of the day. It relaxes me and balances my energy, leaving me restored. I find it to be a wonderful self-care tool. I also introduce my clients to its benefits by having them use it for a few minutes before their massage sessions."

Gary J. Woychik
Massage Therapist
Fort Atkinson, WI

"For the past twenty years I have done nutritional therapy and some massage therapy. The specific areas of concentration have included the immune system, detoxification, sinusitus, back therapy, and balancing the digestive system. The Chi Machine had amazing results with cranial-sacral therapy resulting in proper back maintenance, opening of the sinuses and the detoxification of the entire body. I have found this mechanical device to work with my therapies and it proves its synergistic value. The machine is easy to use, and fun. My entire family uses it, including my six children, ranging in age from one month old to 13 years old."

Michelle S. Corkrum LMT
Advanced Wellness Clinic
Massage Therapist
Newport, WA

"Just a note to tell you how excited I am to incorporate your Chi Machine in my massage therapy & chiropractic clinic! I used a demo for my fibromyalgia clients and diabetic clients to increase circulation, imporve movement and increase the overall benefit of treatments we provide. I am anxious to show off my new Chi Machine!"

Shohreh Aarabi
Massage Therapist / Day Spa Owner
Addison, TX 75001

"We use the Chi Machine and the Hot House at my day spa and at home. The Chi Machine is great to use before a massage or to invigorate clients that need a 'pick-me-up' in energy. The Hot House has shown noticeable ability to nurture injury and chronic pain. We have seen this in the lessening of inflammation on a broken arm and the shinier coat of fur on my fifteen year old cat."

Deirdre Wagner, CMT and CST
Certified Massage Therapist/Certified SHEN Therapist
Carlsbad, California

"A fellow SHEN Therapist shared her Hot House with me. I had a chronic teeth and sinus infection. The Hot House was instrumental in helping me kick the infections, release toxins from my body, sleep and de-stress. I am a Massage Therapist and a SHEN Therapist. I am also a former professional world-class triathlete and many of my clients are athletes. I started using the Hot House while I did massage and SHEN Therapy. With the Hot House's gentle, penetrating heat, my clients were able to relax quicker and their muscles released tension faster. It was easier for me to do deep tissue work because of this. I just joined in partnership with a gym that caters to dedicated athletes. The gym works with two Chiropractors. I will be sharing the fabulous HTE products with them, as well as the other therapist who works there and my clients."

Lyle W. Sitorius, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Mobil Massage
Brady, NE

"I began using the Chi Machine two weeks age and felt better immediately. By using it at the beginning of the day, I have so much more energy while working. Also, by using the machine at the end of the day----what a wonderful level of relaxation to retire on! I will begin using the Chi Machine on my clients for their health and pain problems. I know that there will be many relieved clients."

Belinda Sprague
Massage Therapist/Reiki Master/Crystal Master
Las Vegas, NV 89117

"I am a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and also a Crystal Master. Educating my clients on the importance of caring for their body mind and spirit has been my main goal. Now that I have been using the Chi Machine I have more energy and am more balanced myself It is a great energy booster and it creates a general sense of well being. I am opening a wellness center and I am planning to incorporate the Chi Machine into several of our treatments. This is a perfect way to balance the whole."

Cheryl Apperley CMT
Wellington College
Massage Therapist
Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0

"My name is Cheryl Apperley. I am a massage therapist from Wellington College in Winnepeg Manitoba. I have a practice in Souris Manitoba. I am promoting my Chi Machine to many of my clients. One of my clients, a 50 year-old male found the Chi Machine to be the only therapy that helped his back. He was about to quite his trucking job this spring b/c his back made it impossible for him to carry out his job. I am sure that the machine will help other clients with their health problems.

Thank-you very much for a great machine that is so easy to promote."

Juan Jimenez
Massage Therapist
Cathedral City, CA 92234

"I wanted to thank you for your research and your creation in the Chi Machine. This machine has made me very happy (I'm a masseuse). Since I've been using it on my patients, it's been beneficial for both me and them since, I don't get so tired physically from working on them all day and they love the new therapy. I'm even able to attend more patients throughout my 8-hour day so it works out fantastically. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter."

Diana Neblett, RMT MMP
Massage Therapist
Dallas, TX

"In the past I have borrowed Chi Machines that belonged to my chiropractor. It is so great for balancing the body. I am so excited to add it to my HotHouse. My clients will benefit more from their massage if they use The Chi Machine first. It really helps detox and balance the body."

Luanne M. Webster, L.M.T.
The Body Worker
Licensed Massage Therapist
Honolulu, HI 96814

"Both the Chi Machine and the HotHouse are exceptional medical devices. Putting my patients and clients on the Chi Machine for five minutes before I massage them helps to totally relax them thereby enabling them to thoroughly enjoy a wonderful and therapeutic massage."

Vicki Allsop
TLC Bodyworks
Massage Therapist
Hamilton, Montana 59840

"I am using The Chi Machine before each of my massages. This helps my clients to relax and I get better results from my massages. It makes my job much easier. I also use The Chi Machine between my massages so that I may relax and get more massages in."

Rena L. Bergman
Massage Therapist/Reiki Master
Riverton, Manitoba

"I am a Remedial Massage Therapist with certifications in Reiki, Reflexology, and Body Talk. I was introduced to The Chi Machine and knew instantly it was for me. The reason for this is because I have been learning Tai Chi and the response the machine elicited so matched my response to Tai Chi. I am very excited about the effects of this machine on myself and my clients - not only physically but mentally and spiritually."

Marlena Spray
Massage Therapist
Lolo, MT

"I will use The Chi Machine to relax clients before their colon hydrotherapy sessions."

Kimberly A Stillwell
Massage Therapist
Wheaton, Illinios

"In my experience, The Chi Machine aids the body in relaxing the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. This allows a variety of follow-up treatment techniques to be more effective in treating many acute and chronic health conditions. I have seen these benefits in people of young and old ages. I believe the more consistently someone can include The Chi Machine with other forms of professional care, home care, and nutritional principles, the more successful they will be in their health goals."

Carlene Comer
Massage Therapist
Weiser, ID

"I plan on showing my clients how oxygenating their bodies with The Chi Machine can reduce stress and tension."

Wendy Law
Licensed Massage Therapist
Liberty, SC

"I purchased a Chi Machine in June, 2004 for use with my clients. I am using it in many ways with my clients such as:

Before colonics
Before magnetic clay baths
Before massages for lymphatic movement, Fibromyalgia clients, and clients with Candida
Clients endeavoring to lose weight
Older people who cannot exercise as well as they once could

I am currently using The Chi Machine for a young client with bedwetting problems as I have heard of it helping other children in this area."

Patricia Staehler
Massage Therapist

"I Have tried the Chi Machine and realized that it would be an asset in my massage practice, either to begin or end a session depending on the needs of my clientele. I personally found that after being on the unit for 5 minutes, my body literally melted into the floor. I felt energized and revitalized. It would be great for me also after a day of massaging to rebalance and refocus my energies."

Gail B. Williams
Winston Salem, NC

"I work as a Massage Therapist with Dr. Larry A. Pearce, Neurologist and Board Certified Pain Specialist at Dayspring Medical Center in Mocksville, North Carolina. I also have a private practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I introduce many of my clients/patients to the Chi Machine. I also use the Hot House for a few. I have a Chi Machine and Hot House at my home that I use every morning to help with tight back muscles. In addition, when I have trouble sleeping, I use the combination with excellent results.

Dr. Pearce has a Chi Machine that he uses at his home most every day. He writes prescriptions for both the Chi Machine and Hot House for his patients that he feels would benefit from using them.

I hope this is helpful for you. Your machines are invaluable to me!"

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Mental Health Practitioners

Julie K. Krull, Ph.D., L.M.H.P., C.P.C
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
Minden, Nebraska

"I have a variety of practitioners in my office from psychotherapy to massage therapy. Using the Chi Machine before sessions promotes relaxation, stress management, and overall wellness. My husband and three teenagers at home love it as well."

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Dr. Jerry Glass Ph.D.
Lighthouse Intervention Center
Metaphysician / Counselor
Springville, Utah

"I use The Chi Machine for my youth and adult clients, in counseling, intervention therapy and stress management classes. My mind, body, and spirit sessions are for the improvement of the whole person. The Chi Machine helps to relax stressed clients in preparation for counseling, especially for abused and distressed youth. For severely disable people the passive aerobic action of the Chi Machine helps circulation and flexibility. I also like using it in Art Therapy to help promote brain integration for greater creativity."

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MyoFacial Release Therapists

Sharon M. Johnson
MyoFacial Release Therapist/Shiatsu Therapist/Nuat Thai Medical Massage
Elk River, MN 55330

"The Chi Machine and Fir Dome is a great addition to my MFR therapy because it releases the fluid around the fascia and promotes the unwinding that occurs in MFR Therapy. Both machines are used by me and my family for an all over great release. Its especially beneficial for me after I have worked on clients all day."

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Natural Health Consultants

Dr. Sallie J. Lau
Board Certificied in Natural Health, CNC, Minister
Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida

"Both the Chi Machine and Hot House appliances are very beneficial to health. The Hot House has been especially helpful to many of my clients and I use it myself as well. "

Preventive Health Resources Clinic
Teresa Griffin, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath
Dr. Bob Griffen - Certified Pastoral Counselor, Doctor of Ministries
Casper, WY 82604

"We have been using The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse for a number of years both PERSONALLY in our home and PROFESSIONALLY in our Clinic.

To say we are pleased with the quality of the product and its effectiveness in helping with the exercise and oxygenation of the body would be an understatement."

Lori Lamothe
Allergies Lifestyle & Health
Nutritionist on staff
Eatonville, WA 98328

"Staff and clients use the Chi machine at our office. We have had extremely positive results, such as weight loss and reduction of headaches!"

Carla Peppler
NEX Health Centre
Natural Health Consultant, Natural Medicine, Nurse Practitioner
Hanover, Ontario

"We use the Chi Machine and 3 hot houses in our health centre, in conjunction with other natural therapies to reduce pain, detoxify the body, enhance the lymphatic system and increase vitality and well -being. We have several clients who complained of severe back pain and after being on the machine for 10 minutes their back pain disappeared. The 3 HotHouses with The Chi Machine have helped our cancer patients with pain relief and increased their sense of well-being."

Joyce Major
Natural Health Consultant
Strongsville, OH 44136

"I am a Natural Health Consultant and taking steps to keep myself and my clients healthy. I have sold 3 machines so far and introduced at least 20 people to this wonderful energy machine.

Since I started using the ERE Machine in early May, I have had a lot of improvements in my body. I can now walk inside the house without shoes on all the time. The stiffness and pain in my hips and other joints has lessened dramatically. I am now back at the gym exercising 3-4 times every week and I want to go.....just getting there was a real problem. Not any more. YEA !! I have also noticed that I handle stress a lot better now. I am also more focused in my many tasks of each day.

I have already helped several people by helping them realize how important health is and they can control their own health by purchasing an ERE Machine too. Many people are now helping themselves to a better way of living.

The clients that I have helped experience increased energy including a woman with MS for 40 years is back to driving her car again, and a seasoned runner, after 40 minutes runs more effortlessly.

I have helped an elderly gentleman (age 78) start healing again after injuries. Before the E.R.E. he would injure himself in the garden or just around the yard and his wounds would NOT heal. He also has prostate cancer and taking medication for that. I am hoping he will get off his Coumadin soon. Now he uses his machine EVERY day.

I have clients that seem to have NO particular problem and after they use the E.R.E. , they feel so full of energy that they are happier and healthier. I have experienced the ability to get up and down off the floor with ease again, since I have been told I have arthritis of the spine. I have 90% less discomfort. All of my clients seem to be able to handle the daily stresses of life with more ease.

Thank You HTE."

Lori Crookshanks
Natural Health Consultant
Mentor, OH 44060

"I have been working with people for the past 5 years. My main focus has been cancer patients, but I work with clients faced with many of our common health challenges. Parasites, viruses, toxicity, sciatica, circulation problems, MS, migraines, cholesterol, high blood pressure and many others are all to common today. I want everyone I meet to know that there are many ways to relieve these health challenges without the constant use of drugs. Our bodies are amazing and when given the proper fuel and the right tools, we can correct many of those health challenges. Since using The Chi Machine daily myself, I have eliminated my daily upper back pains. I have seen many other people overcome aches and pains in a very short period of time. I share this machine because people can use it in their own home daily and it will save them time and money when they can eliminate frequent doctor visits. I am very excited to be working with people everyday who are taking control of their overall health and well-being. I do know that this machine will be helpful to many of my clients."

Aurora Salazar
Natural Health Consultant
Ceres, CA

"As a consultant of natural health, The Chi Machine has helped a lot of my patients feel good about themselves. Those that have digestion problems have been feeling better, and I also use the machines for physical therapy patients that I think would need it. We aren't the type of people that go out and buy anything just to buy it, but after reading the information about The Chi Machine and how you benefit from it, I thought hey, maybe it's worthy buying. To my patients, I tell them to use The Chi Machine because it reduces their tension and stress. One of my patients had back pain that he no longer suffers from. Many of my patients also feel their blood circulation has improved."

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Natural Medicine

Alonso Padilla
Natural Medicine
Odessa, TX

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I bought The Chi Machine for my family to use, especially my wife. She has been in 3 automobile accidents, and she had suffered tremendous pain for years and a lot of medical consequences. As she used the Chi Machine, it has helped her a lot with her pain.

I am using The Chi Machine with all my patients that come to my office. It's incredible the results that I have seen with the majority of my patients. I recommend this machine to anyone who wants to improve their health and also use it for therapy for themselves and their family."

[Spanish version]

"Adquiri la chi machine para el uso de mi familia, mi esposa tubo 3 accidentes en automobil, ella habia sufrido muchos aņos con dolores a consecuencia de esto, el uso de la chi-machine ha sido de mucha ayuda al quitarle su dolor.

La estoy usando con todos los pacientes que llegan a mi oficina, es increible el resultado que he visto en la mayoria de ellos, la recomiendo a cualquier persona que quiera mejorar su salud, como terapia y como uso para toda la familia."

Brenda Fandrick
Registered Massage Therapist
Richmond Massage
Richmond, Sask. Canada S0N 2E0

"I have a very busy Massage Therapy Clinic. I have my clients use The Chi Machine before their massage. This helps release tension and they are more receptive for the deep tissue massage. This makes my job as a massage therapist much easier. I also enjoy having an ERE treatment after a busy day on my feet. I feel immediate relief for my sore legs and feet. I am looking forward to marketing these wonderful products."

Lucy Sanchez
Natural Medicine
Chicago, IL

[Translated from its Original Version in Spanish]

"I bought The Chi Machine to use with all my patients that come to my office. The Chi Machine helps them release tension and also helps them to align their spinal column."

[Spanish Version]

"Soy naturista y manejo una botanica. Mi experiencia con la Chi Machine ha sido genial; mis pacientes estan muy satisfechos con los resultados, la usamos para relajamiento y para alineacon de la columna vertbral."

Carla Peppler
NEX Health Centre
Natural Medicine, Nurse Practitioner, Natural Health Consultant
Hanover, Ontario

"We use the Chi Machine & 3 hot houses in our health centre, in conjunction with other natural therapies to reduce pain, detoxify the body, enhance the lymphatic system & increase vitality and well -being. We have several clients who complained of severe back pain & after being on the machine for 10 minutes their back pain disappeared. The 3 HotHouses with The Chi Machine have helped our cancer patients with pain relief and increased their sense of well-being."

Susan Secord, Director
Life Zeal Foundation
Natural Medicine
Foley, MN

"I have been using The Chi Machine for a number of years PERSONALLY. Our nonprofit organization 'Life Zeal Foundation' is committed to Health and Wellness research and education, and are committed to educating people about the Chi Machine and FIR HotHouse every opportunity we get."

Ruben Quintero
Natural Medicine
Downey, CA

"I am in the alternative health field as a consultant of physical therapy, naturalism , and natural supplements. I use The Chi Machine with my patients, and the benefits and results that they've had are that it relieves nervousness and the stress and the tension they have in their muscles. It also reduces any pain they may have, and it gives them more energy. I recommend it openly to anyone."

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Preventive Health Resources Clinic
Teresa Griffin, Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant
Dr. Bob Griffen - Certified Pastoral Counselor, Doctor of Ministries
Casper, WY 82604

"We have been using The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse for a number of years both PERSONALLY in our home and PROFESSIONALLY in our Clinic.

To say we are pleased with the quality of the product and its effectiveness in helping with the exercise and oxygenation of the body would be an understatement."

Virginia M. Ingalls, N.D., M.T.
Naturopathic Doctor, Massage Therapist
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

"I do lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Acupressure, reflexology, facials, and myofascial release therapy. I am completely sold on the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a tool in helping to keep the body healthy along with my other services to my patients."

Gloria J. Roohr-Hyzer, N.D.
Naturopath, Holistic Health
Cushing, WI

"I purchased the Chi Machine, Hot House and the Electric Reflex Energizer after only three days of testing and working with many of my clients. The individual results were amazing. One client was pain free after her session. My husband has been using the ERE and the hot house for his knees , ankles and feet (disc and sciatic related). Not only did he experience a reduction in the pain, the swelling on the outsides of his ankles went completely away after the second time he used the ERE. Other's experienced energy they'd not felt in a long time. Another's congestion cleared after a very short time under the hot house."

Lourdes Alvarez Ibarra
Los Angeles, CA

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I believe that the Chi Machine is incredible. According to my knowledge of the human body, I believe that the Chi Machine helps the body function better, and I would recommend it to any of my patients. I believe that each and every person should have one."

[Spanish Version]

"Mi nombre es Lourdez Ibarra, Soy omiopata de profesion, ejerciendo en el area de los Angeles, California.

Creo que es un invento incredible, ya que cnociendo como trabaja el cuerpo humano, esas maquinas lo hacen trabajar major, y la recomiendo a cualquiera de mis pacientes, se que toda persona la deberia adquirir."

Dr. Michael Frost
Naturopath, Alternative Medicine
Highland Heights, OH 44143

"I purchased the ERE Machine last month and use it for me, my staff and clients. The clients use it before their treatments and have experienced more energy and pain relief. My staff and I have experienced more energy and pain relief as well."

Dr. Malebone Laing ND
Hartland Wellness Center
Naturo Path Rapidan, VA 22733

"I strongly recommend The Chi Machine to anyone. Why? Because, I have witnessed how people have actually improved in their health as a result of using the machine. A client of mine who is suffering from breast cancer is currently using it. She came to my office pale, lacking of energy and depressed. I put her on a special protocol to combat the disease, and The Chi Machine is one of the important factors of the protocol. A few weeks into this program and she is improving greatly. Her facial complexion is showing positive boons of life. The paleness is gone and she has more energy. Her outlook for life is brighter. This Chi Machine is what I would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting healthy. Try it today!"

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Neuromuscular Therapists

Dorothy Mongan LCMT,CN
Eaton Therapeutic Center
Neuromuscular Therapist
Eaton, Colorado 80615

"I use the Chi Machine after my massage treatments to enhance the results of the massage."

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John D. Cantando, MD
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, CA 92555

"I highly recommend The Chi Machine to anyone. My wife and I use the machine faithfully; it not only provides her with energy but also helps increase circulation which helps with her varicose veins. I find the machine to be very therapeutic."

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Lois Frost, B.S., R.N.
Carmel Valley Manor
Carmel, CA

"I work in a geriatric clinic. I see remarkable benefit from the Chi Machine to elderly people in need of exercise and especially impressive reduction of edema. My own 94-year old mother brings along her Chi Machine when she visits. She loves her Chi Machine and the Electro Reflex Energizer. I personally use my Chi Machine and HotHouse for pleasure, better circulation and pain relief."

Coral Lea Jacobsen, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
Marquette, NE

"As a Wellness Consultant, the chi machine and hothouse are the perfect additions to my total health business concept. I plan to promote these great health devices to my clients so they can have the opportunity to add them to their personal health regimes at home."

Amalia Mangelsdorf
Nurse, Reflexologist, Herbalist
Charlestown, Indiana

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I have found this product marvelous, especially the Electro Reflex Energizer. It captivated me when I used it from always being tired from my feet, and it was incredible the relief that I felt.

As a professional of health I have studied reflexology and I believe that this is an incredible invention that helps problems of circulation and many other problems. I have many patients that I am promoting to them to use it. I recommend it extensively."

[Spanish version]

"He encontrado algo maravilloso en esto productos, la Electro reflex me cautivo, la use cuando estaba cansadisima de mis pies, y fue increible el alivio que senti. Como profesional de la salud he esudiado la reflexologia podal, y creo que esto es invento increible que ayudara a muchos problemas de circulacion y muchos otros mas. Tengo muchos pacientes y estoy tratando de hacer que ellos la usen, la recomiendo ampliamente."

Kandy J. Rogers
Registered Nurse
Cedar Hills, Utah 84062

"I am a registered nurse and have used the chi machine and FIR dome for several years for my chronic fatigue syndrome with incredible results of increased health and energy. I have had similar results on many other women I have used it on for complaints varying from pneumonia, breast cancer and fibromyalgia to severe chronic fatigue. I use it as a pick- me-up when I just can't seem to go on any further or to get going in the morning; it is far more invigorating than any other product I have come across."

Sharon Pavelka, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
Bladen, NE

"I am a Home Health Nurse and I work with patients that suffer from various chronic diseases. I am excited to educate my patients on the benefits they may obtain from using the Chi Machine and HotHouse. I also plan to promote both products to my colleagues so they can experience the stress reduction and increased energy that I have come to enjoy since I have started using them personally."

Patricia Ashcroft
Registered Nurse
Sandy, UT 84092

"I am a Registered Nurse. I was introduced to the Chi Machine by a friend of mine who does a lot of Homeopathic Medicine. The Chi Machine is a wonderful tool for relaxation and stress and in turn gives great energy. My daughter uses it and I know that it helps her do better in school. I have seen the results."

Winifred M. Garren R.N.
Registered Nurse
Asheville, North Carolina

"I am a Registered Nurse that works in a Wellness Clinic. Since our focus is maintaining good health, I feel the Chi Machine is the perfect tool for teaching total health and stress management. I especially enjoy the look on the patients' faces the first time they feel the 'chi rush'. I personally use my machine to stimulate circulation and boost stamina."

Dianne Honstein, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
Loveland, CO

"I recently had gastric bypass surgery and am now to the point of using the chi machine. I am incorporating it into my rehab plan and feel it will be very beneficial as part of my daily health regime. I plan to share how the chi machine is helping me with my gastric bypass support group, and also with my friends and colleagues."

Gloria Garcia
Banning, CA

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I use the Chi Machine every day when I get out of work, to release my stress. Its incredible how I feel after using the Chi Machine. I recommend the Chi Machine to everyone because I had wonderful results."

[Spanish Version]

"Soy enfermera de profesion y trabajo en un hospital de ancianos aca en la ciudad de Banning CA, cada dia salgo supercansada y era cuando aprovechaba de usar la chimachine, la recomiendo a toda persona, y creo que hasta los ancianos la deberian usar."

Karen Lemke
Registered Nurse
Milwaukee, WI

"From my experience with the Chi Machine, it is beneficial to aging loved ones burdened with the immobilizing effects of stroke and diabetes. Preventing further circulatory complications is a primary goal and the Chi Machine is a great aid. An important advantage is that the Chi Machine can be used in the home every day as often as needed or desired."

Gladys Quintero, RN
Registered Nurse
Odessa, TX

"My brother-in-law purchased The Chi Machine and has shared the experience with me. The Chi Machine has relaxed my aching muscles, has relieved my constant headaches, and the burning sensation I have on my legs is minimum. I work at a hospital as an R.N., and I told my co-workers about my experience with the machine since they see me in better spirits. I am in the process of purchasing my own Chi Machine and I am planning to share with them so they can relax and have more energy like I do."

Janice Franzen
Registered Nurse
Hastings, NE 68901

"I sustained a severe cervical spine injury several years ago and recently had major surgery. After using The Chi Machine for the first time, upon awakening the next morning, I felt a significant increased amount of energy and well-being. Now that I have both The Chi Machine and HotHouse, the severe tightness in my right shoulder has been significantly reduced. I look forward to sharing these health benefits with my colleagues, friends, and family."

Robert C. Iniguez
Registered Nurse
Indio, CA 92201

"My name is Robert C Iniguez and I'm an RN. I discovered the Chi Machine very recently and I'm using it with a few patients. My patients' stress levels have decreased dramatically and their sleeping patterns have improved just by using the machine. Keep up the good work!"

Maurine Butler
Home Health Nurse
Wendell, Idaho

"As a Home Health Nurse for many years, I have been searching for praying for - an alternative to the prescribed drugs and treatment which sometimes cover up but do not ease the discomfort and debilitating effects of disease and age. Thank you for this wonderful machine. It is surely and truly an answer to prayers uttered in the face of this great need."

Beatriz G. Garcia
Beaumont, CA

"I first started using the machines at my friend's house. She would invite me over often. At first I wasn't to open minded about it but I saw that day-by-day it would make me feel better. I'm a nurse at a nursing home and it's very exhausting, so every time I would use the machine, it would relax my muscles. I also noticed that it was helping me breathe better. I could take deep breaths that I wasn't able to do for years until I used these products."

Vicky Loredo LPN
Midland, TX

"I have used The Chi Machine with a couple of my patients and it has been very successful. One of the children I've worked with has problems walking and ever since he started using The Chi Machine, his digestive system has been a lot better overall. He doesn't have constipation anymore and the pain has diminished.

Another patient of mine had back problems; he use to have an excruciating pain and now he feels a lot better, without as much stress nor as much pain.

Thank You HTE for your fabulous machine."

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Nurse Practitioners

Julie Walker ARNP, CNM, FNP
Nurse Practitioner (Licensed in Family Practice and Midwifery)
Kennewick, WA

"I do prenatal care and deliver babies in our local hospital. I also see a number of women who have a wide variety of problems. Recently I bought a Chi Machine and a Hot House. After using the Hot House for a few days, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my chronic knee pain was significantly reduced. My orthopedic surgeon is anticipating me back at any time for a knee replacement. However, my pain is so much less now that I don't plan to have any surgery done at this time. I anticipate sharing these good products with other professional colleagues as soon as I get a better understanding of them myself."

Carla Peppler
NEX Health Centre
Nurse Practitioner, Natural Medicine, Natural Health Consultant
Hanover, Ontario

"We use the Chi Machine & 3 hot houses in our health centre, in conjunction with other natural therapies to reduce pain, detoxify the body, enhance the lymphatic system & increase vitality and well -being. We have several clients who complained of severe back pain & after being on the machine for 10 minutes their back pain disappeared. The 3 HotHouses with The Chi Machine have helped our cancer patients with pain relief and increased their sense of well-being."

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Nutritional Consultants

Preventive Health Resources Clinic
Teresa Griffin, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath
Dr. Bob Griffen - Certified Pastoral Counselor, Doctor of Ministries
Casper, WY 82604

"We have been using The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse for a number of years both PERSONALLY in our home and PROFESSIONALLY in our Clinic. To say we are pleased with the quality of the product and its effectiveness in helping with the exercise and oxygenation of the body would be an understatement."

Dr. Rosalba Liberato
Nutritional Consultant and Massage Therapist
Choung Gui Nutrition Center
Chicago, IL 60629

"When I use The Chi-Machine it takes my hip pain and the stress away. It improves my insomnia and I am so happy because I had an ankle pain and now it's gone. I am using The Chi-Machine in my clinic to align the hip and column, and also to improve the energetic fluid as well as Stabilize the Chi."

Ernestina Huerta
Nutritional Consultant
Medical ABBA Evangelist Institute
San Antonio, TX 78223

"My family and I are grateful for having The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse. They have helped my family with all kinds of health problems. We have used them as a combination with Rehab therapies and strongly for asthma, and furthermore muscle pains. Combining natural products and the use of The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse are my ideas for promotion and recommendation for everyone and especially my colleagues."

Detox Clinic
Nutritional/Anti-aging Consultant, Ionization Detoxification Therapist
Nepean, Ontario H2G 6B1

"We have incorporated the Chi Machine along w/the Hot House Dome in our clinic and are having tremendous results with regards to pain management, weight loss, and overall health. We find that the use of the Chi Machine and the Dome machines, prior to detoxing a client, enhances the detoxification process itself. We wouldn't want to be without these marvelous tools that have enabled us to assist numerous people in their quest for health."

Karen Foster
Nutritional Consultant/Reiki Practitioner
Arborg, Manitoba

"I am very pleased with the Chi machine I purchased recently. My husband and I have been using it daily with extremely positive results and I have used it with several of my clients for relaxation and centering prior to treatments. Their comments have been enthusiastic and have included improvements in knees, neck, and back as well as calming, relaxing, and centering/grounding. I plan to continue to use it in this way and to recommend its aerobic benefits to clients who do not exercise regularly, those with fibromyalgia, stiffness, joint pain, and back pain. I will certainly encourage them to purchase their own Chi machines to enable them to benefit on a daily basis."

Dave Vitantonio
Vitality Health Food, Inc.
Nutrition Consultant
Willoughby Hills, Ohio

"Some of the benefits our clients have experienced from using the Electro-Reflex-Energizer include improvement in neuropathy caused by Type 1 diabetes, reduction in aches and pains, increased energy, better sleep, reduction in need for pain medication, and relief from the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome. Others have experienced improved digestion and elimination, better focus and concentration, and reduced symptoms of stress."

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