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Chi Machine Reviews and Testimonials from Health Care Providers and Other Professionals

The testimonials below are from people in a wide variety of health care and other professions who use Sun Ancon Sun Harmony Chi Machines either themselves or in their practices and have realized the many health benefits that can be derived from regular use.

Occupational Therapists

Dan McKinzie
Occupational Therapist
Brownsburg, IN 46112

"I'm an Occupational Therapist specializing in adult neurological rehabilitation. I am a proud Chi Machine owner that personally sees tremendous results. I plan to market to prospective physicians I work with as well as rehab specialists in the metro Indianapolis, IN area. There is a huge untapped potential market in the central Indiana area. A couple of physicians have already expressed interest in the Chi Machine and Hothouse."

Cynthia Thunstrom OTR/L, HHSP
Occupation Therapist/Holistic health services
Mounds View, MN 55112

"I am purchasing a Chi Machine today following a demonstration. I had a very positive result just from a short demonstration. I am an occupational therapist in physical disability practice with older adults. I am also certified in holistic health services. I hope to incorporate the use of this modality in my therapy practice for better rehabilitation results with my clients."

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Dr. Carlos R. Lopez
Plano, TX 75023

"I currently use HTE's products for my own personal wellness. I am actively on a mission to promote HTE's products to many other Medical professionals. I feel that all medical fields should use and promote HTE's products for continued wellness for everyone."

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Dr. Nathan L. Lipton, MD. F.A.A.O.
Vision Wellness and Laser Center
Richardson, Texas 75080

"I am an ophthalmologist in practice for over 25 years. I specialize in Lasik laser vision correction and I have my patients use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse far infrared dome for about 10 minutes immediately prior to their surgery to relax them.

I have also found the Chi Machine and the HotHouse very effective in treating a great variety of chronic diseases. As well, these devices benefit healthy people by increasing energy and reducing stress. I personally use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse and recommend them to my patients and colleagues."

Scott Tennant
Senergy Medical Group - Ophthalmologist on Staff
Irving, TX 75038

"We offer the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a therapy in our clinic. We also have the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a purchase option for clients who would like to have their very own units."

Marcelo A. Shanly, M.D.
Clinica Integral De La Vision
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I am an Ophthalmologist practicing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned about the Chi Machine and the Hot House at an ophthalmology convention in San Diego. I am using them with my patients before surgery, in order to relax them, and some of them are still coming back for a new session after the surgery because they feel a relief of their pains with the machine. I am looking forward to selling them so everybody can have his or her own machine, but as you know, the country's situation is not the same as it was a couple of years before. That is why I am trying to find out how to sell them. The price I am giving them is the same as I paid. I started with this a month ago, so I will see what comes out of it. Thanks so much!"

Robert Proffitt, MD
Grand Island, NE 68801

"I am personally enjoying the benefits of the Chi Machine. I look forward to adding the chi machine to my office for my staff to have the opportunity to use. I anticipate they will experience increase in energy, relaxation and stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of well-being."

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Ophthalmology Instructors

Dr. Robert T. Lin, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine
Director, IQ Medical Center
Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology

"I am using the Chi machine and showing it to my patients. The Chi Machine has the potential to relax my patients before their LASIK surgery so that I rarely need to use oral sedatives."

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Dr. Rick Munoz, O.D
Therapeutic Optometrist
Odessa Eye Clinic
Odessa, TX

"I have been practicing for seven years. I am 36 years old. I was somewhat skeptical of the Chi Machine before trying it, but I am glad I did. I have a recurrent lower back problem and my knee has been hurting lately, the latter being a racquetball injury. After just the first use for 15 minutes on the Chi Machine, I felt amazing relief in my back and my knee. The machine relaxes and invigorates at the same time. The benefit seems to come immediately following the use of the machine when you relax for a few minutes. An indescribable current or wave of electricity seems to course through my body after each use. Several friends, at my urging, have used my machine and every single one has felt its benefits. My wife loves it as well. We use it before work in the morning and before bedtime. My mother-in-law suddenly visits us almost daily and uses the machine as well. I am considering using the machine on patients who are about to undergo laser treatment as a form of relaxation. The Chi Machine is truly wonderful and I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you for this remarkable product."

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Linda M. Keller
Self Image
Orthotist / Prosthetist
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

"I am introducing the Chi Machine to my cancer survivors that are dealing with Lymphoedema and residual pain. I'm offering a rental program both in their home and at my office. I know my diabetic clients will avail themselves of these services."

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Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. John Whittaker
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Centerville, UT 84014

"The first time I used the HotHouse I felt I had more movement in my neck. I had significant relief of pain and slept much better. After one treatment I knew I had to own this equipment. The Chi Machine seemed to relieve tension and stress. Sleep comes much easier with use at bedtime."

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Dr. Ronald P. Peroff, M.D.
The Queen's Physicians Office Building 1
Honolulu, HI 96813

"I am an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased The Chi Machine and HotHouse a few months ago after attending a medical convention where they were displayed.

Since purchasing the machines, I have been using them as often as possible, and am enjoying the benefits of these medical devices.

I try to be health conscious, and it's a good feeling to know that The Chi Machine and HotHouse greatly enhances the body's basic functions such as Oxygenation and blood circulation. The utilization of far infrared technology to assist the body in its own natural healing process is also very appealing to me.

My practice encompasses a wide, specialized area of conditions including ear disorders, sinus infections, allergies, neck and throat tumors, etc. I also treat pain involving lumbar discs and musculoskeletal problems. I am planning to purchase another set so that I can have one at home, and one at the office. I would like to introduce these machines to my patients, so that they too may experience the health enhancing benefits that I am enjoying."

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Michel DeLisle
Paramedic / Firefighter
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"Firefighting is historically very hard on the cardiovascular systems of the firefighters. Chronic illness involving the heart and lungs is common in older and retired personnel. The Chi Machine not only prepares us to enter hazardous environments and work hard, it works to reverse the effects of our job that would normally result in chronic lung or heart disease."

Douglas S. McCauley, NREMT-P
Mineral Wells, TX 76067

"I have been a paramedic for a very busy Emergency Medical Services provider in Ft. Worth, TX for over 20 years. Our service runs over 100,000 911 calls per tear, so you can imagine the volume of critical care calls involved. Our service provides a 'Critical Incident Stress Debriefing' for the 'Very Bad' calls, but nothing for the everyday stress of just having to deal with the life and death situations.

One of the things I have done is to bring my Chi Machine to work with me. I leave it at the station and everyone uses it after their very hectic shifts. We use it for the everyday stress or if we run a 'Bad' call. The Chi Machine helps us relax and just feel better; we feel cleansed after 1- minutes and are ready to face the world again. This has been better for the high stress job than anything else we have tried. We have noticed that the other paramedics are happier and we are seeing less 'Burn Out' in our field. We have also noticed the paramedics are more alert to their surroundings and we have had fewer injuries."

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Physical Therapists

Tara Burks
Physical Therapist
Springfield, MO

"I am a physical therapist and am excited to add a new dimension to my practice with the chi machine. I personally love the feeling of the 'chi', increase in energy and overall well-being. I'm looking forward to the possibilities that the chi massage has for the young population.."

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Pilates Instructors

D. Lyn Thibodeaux
Certified Pilates Instructor
New Orleans, LA

"I'm a certified Pilates Instructor and have discovered the many benefits of The Original Chi Machine. I invite my students to use it in combination with taking Pilates classes. The students who use The Chi Machine have also come to discover its many benefits including more energy, flexibility, an increase of oxygen in the lungs, and increased inner awareness."

Michele L. Boser
Pilates Instructor
Covington, KY 41017

"I am a certified Pilates instructor (both reformer and mat), I'm also certified in Group Fitness and Spinning and I deal with all levels of fitness from rehabilitation to tri-athletes. Though each form of exercise is quite different, the main focus is breath and fluid movement inside and out. To focus on the internal movement we master the breath and we also use the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine helps me and my clients 'exercise' internally so that we can keep the inside as healthy as the outside appears."

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Plastic Surgeons

Samuel W. Parry, MD
A Look To Remember Plastic Surgery Center
Plastic Surgeon
New Orleans, LA 70114

"I am a busy Plastic Surgeon. I needed more energy and stress relief. Also, I have a 14 year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis. The Chi Machine has helped my problems and my daughter's breathing has very much improved."

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David Bentrud
Police Sergeant - S.W.A.T. Team - Criminal Justice Teacher
Rice, MN

"The Chi Machine has been very beneficial in alleviating the effects of stress. It has also been proven to be a vital catalyst in the Oxygen and detoxification process. I plan to recommend the Chi Machine to fellow workers and students, as a valuable means to achieve and maintain optimum health."

Kurt Huver
S.W.A.T. Team
Deputy Sheriff
Rice, MN

"Besides my job as a Deputy Sheriff, I am also on the Advanced S.W.A.T Team. This means I can be called out at anytime of the day or night, besides already putting my day in as a Deputy Sheriff. This can be very stressful. I have found the Chi Machine to be very beneficial in energizing me, and helping deal with the stress that I incur in my job. I would highly recommend the Chi Machine to everyone."

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Linda M. Keller
Self Image
Orthotist / Prosthetist
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

"I am introducing the Chi Machine to my cancer survivors that are dealing with Lymphoedema and residual pain. I'm offering a rental program both in their home and at my office. I know my diabetic clients will avail themselves of these services."

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Sylvia L. Albers
Hudson, WI 54016

"I believe the Chi Machine could be beneficial to relieve emotional stress of individuals seen in mental health services. I personally, have used the Chi for about 4 months and have experienced great results! I have been able to discontinue all allergy medications the muscle tightness and spasms I have in my neck has been alleviated. I will always appreciate the Chi Machine in my life."

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Deborah Hudson M.S.W.
Psychotherapist, Trager Practitioner
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L3A7

"I love my Chi Machine. As a Trager practitioner I do not receive as much body-work as I give but I find my Chi Machine creates the trager feeling in my body. I knew after 30 seconds of experiencing it that I had to have one for myself. Thank you for creating it."

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