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Chi Machine Reviews and Testimonials from Health Care Providers and Other Professionals

The testimonials below are from people in a wide variety of health care and other professions who use Sun Ancon Sun Harmony Chi Machines either themselves or in their practices and have realized the many health benefits that can be derived from regular use.

Radiation Oncologists

Lilia Loredo, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Loma Linda Medical Center,
Loma Linda, CA

"The Chi Machine first impressed me because I experienced no soreness after a day of serious gardening. I like the pleasant relaxation it provides. My husband, who is a physician also, shared the Chi Machine with a patient who has edema. In time we expect to invite others to enjoy the benefits of the experience."

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Reading Specialists

Vernice Jones
Reading Specialist
Silver City, New Mexico

"When I was sixteen, I had an accident in which I fell very hard on my left hip. For these many years I have experienced lower back pain. On occasion, my left foot became numb and tingled. There was a distinct 'thud' inside my hip as I walked. After my first use of the Chi Machine, my back pain increased and pains shot down my legs, and my left foot became numb. However, after three times on this aerobic exerciser, my back pain vanished and my foot has complete feeling. As I walk, I don't experience the usual 'thud.' I am overjoyed with this change! With the second use of the Chi Machine, I became so relaxed I fell asleep - never knew when the machine shut off. As a reading specialist, I teach children with ADD and other mental and physical challenges. The Chi Machine is a very effective way to relax, as well as to improve mental clarity due to the oxygen flow. Thank you, Hsin Ten Enterprise. By providing us with this equipment you are doing a great service to humanity."

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Sally Wimberly
Reflexologist/Massage Therapist
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Prior to a session, I have my clients spend anywhere from 2-5 minutes on my chi machine. I encourage them to remain still after the machine shuts off until I come to get them. Calming music is playing in the background to add to their relaxation. I find this helps them relax and get prepared for the work ahead which is always more effective since they are already in a more calmative state."

Barbara Moldenhauer
Certfied Reflexologist
Osseo, WI 54758

"I achieved President level by continuing to recommend the Chi, Hot House, and Electro Reflex Energizer to all my clients and to use these wonderful devices in my treatment of them here in my office. We have seen remarkable results from their use. Personally, I have seen almost 100% turnaround from neuropathy and also from a heart attack. It has also benefited me financially. Thank you HTE!"

Jim Percival - Wellness Plus
Wellness Consultants
Armington, Il 61721-9250

"I use the Chi Machine quite frequently to relax my clients. I use the Hot House for people with swelling, pain, funguses, neuropathy, and many other disorders of the body. Also, we use the Fir-to-Go for centralized problems and the Electro Reflex Energizer for numbness in the feet. These products have been a great addition to my business."

Maureane Dupuis
Registered Reflexologist
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"I use the Total Health Spa daily for physical (aching joints) as well as mental & emotional (seratonins) healing. It provides a wonderful meditative safe place for spiritual contemplation as well.

I freely introduce the Total Health Spa and the HTE nutritional supplements to all my clients as well. When they are responsive, I encourage them to purchase it for themselves."

Amalia Mangelsdorf
Reflexologist, Nurse, Herbalist
Charlestown, Indiana

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]

"I have found this product marvelous, especially the Electro Reflex Energizer. It captivated me when I used it from always being tired from my feet, and it was incredible the relief that I felt.

As a professional of health I have studied reflexology and I believe that this is an incredible invention that helps problems of circulation and many other problems. I have many patients that I am promoting to them to use it. I recommend it extensively."

[Spanish version]

"He encontrado algo maravilloso en esto productos, la Electro reflex me cautivo, la use cuando estaba cansadisima de mis pies, y fue increible el alivio que senti. Como profesional de la salud he esudiado la reflexologia podal, y creo que esto es invento increible que ayudara a muchos problemas de circulacion y muchos otros mas. Tengo muchos pacientes y estoy tratando de hacer que ellos la usen, la recomiendo ampliamente."

Pat Malone
Registered Reflexologist, Registered Aromatherapist
Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3A 3E8

"Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. Part of the training includes full body lymphatic drainage massage. This is not always done in a consultation/ treatment which could be making up a product blend for a specific condition such as aches and pains, headaches, depression, arthritis, insomnia etc. I anticipate using the chi machine for 2-5 minutes in any of these consultations and explaining how the treatment can help them."

Gloria Vinck
Certified Reflexologist
Weyburn, Saskatchewan

"Since introducing the Chi Machine to friends and clients I have stimulated much interest and have had many positive feedbacks. I plan to market this wonderful product as well as use it to enhance and build my business. I strongly believe the Chi Machine will have been the best investment I have made for my health and the well being of others."

Nora El Gammal
Kyphi Aromatherapy Inc.
Registered Reflexologist, Registered Aromatherapist
Markham, Ontario

"My name is Nora, Canadian Natural Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and founder of Kyphi Aromatherapy Inc. I was first introduced to the Chi Machine through my colleague and my reflexology therapist, Pat Malone. While on my first few minutes on the machine I immediately enjoyed the vibration that came through my body and into my head. I was particularly conscious of its movement in my stomach area. With a weak colon, I felt this must be quite beneficial. With my poor blood circulation in general the last few minutes and after the time ended I was certain I had my blood moving all over my body. I particularly loved the great sensation when the machine stopped and the final moments of relaxation ran through my body. I loved it! With little time for exercise at the gym I knew this was my answer. I purchased the Chi Machine for myself, my family and my clients who will experience the chi after my regular treatments for the final touch of relaxation. I urge everyone to give the Chi Machine a few moments of their time and experience the benefits. Thank you Pat for introducing me to this wonderful experience!"

Nonie Perlas, LMT
Certified Reflexologist
West Hills, California

"In my work I like to introduce the chi machine to loosen up first time clients. After 5 minutes of usage, they are ready for some bodywork."

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Dr. James Morales, D.C.
Dr. Susan Duve, D.C., F.I.A.M.A., N.D.
Accident & Rehab Clinic @ Cornerstone
Rehab, Acupuncture, Chiropratic, Medical, Wellness
Edinburg, TX 78539

"We have used 'The Chi Machine' and 'The Hot House' for 5 years now. Our patients love them. They have proven to be very valuable therapeutic devices."

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Reiki Masters

Karen Foster
Reiki Practitioner/Nutritional Consultant
Arborg, Manitoba

"I am very pleased with the Chi machine I purchased recently. My husband and I have been using it daily with extremely positive results and I have used it with several of my clients for relaxation and centering prior to treatments. Their comments have been enthusiastic and have included improvements in knees, neck, and back as well as calming, relaxing, and centering/grounding. I plan to continue to use it in this way and to recommend its aerobic benefits to clients who do not exercise regularly, those with fibromyalgia, stiffness, joint pain, and back pain. I will certainly encourage them to purchase their own Chi machines to enable them to benefit on a daily basis."

Belinda Sprague
Reiki Master/Massage Therapist/Crystal Master
Las Vegas, NV 89117

"I am a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and also a Crystal Master. Educating my clients on the importance of caring for their body mind and spirit has been my main goal. Now that I have been using the Chi Machine I have more energy and am more balanced myself It is a great energy booster and it creates a general sense of well being. I am opening a wellness center and I am planning to incorporate the Chi Machine into several of our treatments. This is a perfect way to balance the whole."

Renny Mayer
Reiki Master, EMT
West Bend, WI

"After my EMT work, my field is shaken loose of mental and emotional debris, by using the Chi Machine. For my Reiki clients, the relaxation on the Chi Machine clears their energy field quickly to prepare them for a hands-on-healing session."

Rena L. Bergman
Reiki Master/Massage Therapist
Riverton, Manitoba

"I am a Remedial Massage Therapist with certifications in Reiki, Reflexology, and Body Talk. I was introduced to The Chi Machine and knew instantly it was for me. The reason for this is because I have been learning Tai Chi and the response the machine elicited so matched my response to Tai Chi. I am very excited about the effects of this machine on myself and my clients - not only physically but mentally and spiritually."

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Robert Klein, MD
Board Certified Rheumatologist and Internist
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

"Currently using Chi machine and Hot house infrared treatments in many patients with back and neck pain."

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Shen Therapists

Ayleyaell Kinder
SHEN Physio-Emotional Therapist
San Diego, CA 92105

"I often put clients on the Chi machine before their SHEN session. I observe what doesn't move on them when the Chi machine starts. Within 5 minutes, those areas are more flexible and moving. The Chi machine saves me much time that I would normally spend relaxing a client to release deeper levels of contraction."

Deirdre Wagner, CMT and CST
Certified SHEN Therapist/Certified Massage Therapist
Carlsbad, California

"A fellow SHEN Therapist shared her Hot House with me. I had a chronic teeth and sinus infection. The Hot House was instrumental in helping me kick the infections, release toxins from my body, sleep and de-stress. I am a Massage Therapist and a SHEN Therapist. I am also a former professional world-class triathlete and many of my clients are athletes. I started using the Hot House while I did massage and SHEN Therapy. With the Hot House's gentle, penetrating heat, my clients were able to relax quicker and their muscles released tension faster. It was easier for me to do deep tissue work because of this. I just joined in partnership with a gym that caters to dedicated athletes. The gym works with two Chiropractors. I will be sharing the fabulous HTE products with them, as well as the other therapist who works there and my clients."

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Mark Kauwe
Shiatsu By Mark
Principal Therapist
Kaneohe, HI 96744

"The Chi Machine is being used under the direction of Shiatsu By Mark. It enables the patients to feel the direction of stimulation to their circulatory and lymphatic systems. The use of The Chi Machine has been a good addition to the treatments offered by Shiatsu By Mark."

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Special Education Instructors

Lynette Less
Special Education Teacher
Cordova, TN

"I am also a Special Education Teacher. After using the Chi, the first thing I thought of was how this could be utilized in the special education setting. I work closely with Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who might be interested in the Chi. The Chi has helped in relaxing my shoulders and neck and ward off migraine headaches. Thank you."

Michael Padeken, M.E.R.
Licensed Special Education Instructor
Provo, Utah

"The SunAncon Massager has the potential of providing many benefits to my students of specific learning disabilities. I believe that the calming effect of its motion will benefit children with hyperactive - attention disorders. The oxygenation of the bloodstream will increase the mental receptivity of my students with learning disabilities. The uniqueness and novelty of the massager would be an incentive to students with behavior disorders incorporated into their reward system for task completion and behavior management. I look forward to the use of the machine for my students who could benefit from its use. Of course, this would be used with the School District and parents of my students giving documented approval."

Judy Hackett
Special Education Teacher
Rice, MN

"My husband and I both have degrees in Special Education. We both feel the Chi Machine could be beneficial to students with different learning and behavior problems. We both find it energizing and relaxing. I have in a short time noticed improvements in my health. Thank you HTE for this wonderful machine. I plan to share the benefits with many others."

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Speech Pathologists

Paula Ary
Speech Pathologist
Ada, OK 74820

"I am a speech pathologist in a school system and I hope to be able to experiment with The Chi Machine with the parent's permission to help communication, language, and learning delays. I have some parents that I feel would be interested in having a Chi Machine in their own homes. I also have a friend who is an eye doctor and one who is a massage therapist, and also some chiropractor friends that I hope to get interested in using The Chi Machines and other equipment in their practices."

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Amy Huver
Elementary School Teacher
Rice, MN 56367

"I am an elementary school teacher who works with many children who suffer from emotional-behavior disorders. I work with occupational therapists to create programs that will allow these children to be successful in the classroom and in their everyday lives. I feel the Chi Machine could be incredibly beneficial to many of these children. I plan to suggest the use of the Chi Machine to our occupational therapist, special education team, and parents.

I have cardiovascular disease, Celiac Sprue, migraines, and neck problems. The Chi Machine has become an essential part in my daily life. With teaching comes many stressful days. I feel the Chi Machine has positively impacted my health and has allowed me to keep up with my students the way I need to."

Judy Westin
Teaching Degree
Becker, MN

"I have an elementary education teaching degree and do tutoring with students who are below grade level in their reading and math skills. I plan on sharing the benefits of the Chi Machine with fellow teachers, especially those teachers who work with special need students. I myself find that I am more relaxed and energized by using the Chi Machine daily."

Sherry McCrary
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

"I have been a teacher now for 28 years. I am always stressed and my shoulders are always tight. I am excited about the Chi Machine and know it will help me feel better and relieve my stress. I would like to take it to school with me to demonstrate to my co-workers how relaxing it is and how much it will also relieve their stress."

Paulette Mitchell
Preschool Teacher
Dallas, TX

"I have been a preschool teacher for 24 years and I have had my share of aches and pains. The Chi Machine and Hothouse have helped relieve many of the discomforts I experienced. I have shared this information with my co-workers and they are very interested in improving their health and well-being. As a new distributor, I am very excited to offer them this opportunity. Thank You!"

Flor Paz
Indio, CA 92201

"My friend turned me onto the Chi Machine and I started to use it right away, of course, immediate results followed...especially in my improved circulation. I decided to take it to work and try it on a few of my students; I'm a teacher. The children have been taking it as a ride they get to go on. But I've been observing the results and they are amazing. I have a couple of Attention Deficit students and they've actually relaxed and come out more attentive for hours at a time when using the machine. I had one student tell me her headache went away as a result of being on the machine only 5 minutes. The parents had the opportunity to try it as well since I needed their permission to use it on the children. It's been great and I thank you."

Kymra Donaldson
Mesa, Arizona

"In the past eleven years I have developed a severe arthritic condition which makes even walking very difficult. The Chi Machine is relaxing and a comfortable way to get stimulation to the spine and extremities. This can prove beneficial both for myself and for my fellow teachers in the Teachers' Lounge, or wherever it can be useful. It should be a great reliever of stress."

Anne Hardman
West Jordan, Utah

"I have been a teacher for over 20 years. Many of the students that I have taught have had trouble learning certain concepts. I have searched for something that would help to connect the hemispheres of the brain, to aid in their learning. The Chi machine is just what I have been praying for, thank you."

Georgeanna Donaldson
Elementary School Teacher / Reading Clinician
Merced, California

"The Chi Machine is a most unusual machine for increasing the circulation of the blood throughout the body. It has a unique sideways motion that seems to find all the sore spots and works them out in an amazingly short time. After having used it for just five minutes, I felt as good as though my mother, an internationally - known massage therapist, had given me a full body massage. I teach elementary school children which can be stressful at times. Coming home to the Chi Machine is like coming home to my mom and being able to get a very stimulating and relaxing massage - wherever I am and whenever I like. The Chi Machine is truly an asset to my life."

Jonathan Rojo
South San Francisco, CA

"I am delighted to be part of the HTE Family and excited to share the healthful benefits of my Chi Machine. In addition to the health benefits we receive from the machine, it also aids students to get a better grade. My friend's son, after using The Chi Machine, became an 'A' student. My niece also became an honor student. I would definitely recommend The Chi Machine to everyone. This machine increases the oxygen level in the brain which helps students improve their memory."

Bette Schreifels
Physical Education Teacher
Rice, MN

"I have a Physical Education Degree with a health minor. After learning of the many health benefits of the machines, I decided to purchase the Total Health Spa. My husband and I are using the 3 HotHouses and the one Chi Machine daily, mainly for detoxification and the oxygenation benefits. My husband has already noticed improvement in his psoriasis condition on his legs and arms. I have noticed an improvement in my back stiffness. We both feel these machines are capable of helping various health conditions.

The Total Health Spa is also for the women I work with in exercise and healthy living. It not only eases soreness but relaxes as well. This promotes healing especially for those with fatigue and discomfort. Thank You HTE."

Kloyd Donaldson
School Teacher
Hobbs, New Mexico

"The Chi Machine affords a convenient and effective method of effortless exercise and relaxation. It can be a means of improving mental alertness at home or in the school setting."

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Teachers - Brain Gym

Shelley Petch
The Active Life Center
St. Alberta, Alberta Canada T8N1C7
Teacher - Brain Gym

"We use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse frequently at home and love them. The Chi Machine is a great balancer of hemispheric brain function after a stressful time. My husband is a Massage Therapist and I consult and teach Brain Gym in our professional lives."

Emily Waniuk
Teacher's Brain Gym
Santa Barbara, CA

"I am a Special Education Teacher of Trauma Brain Injured and Learning Disabled students. I have had Type II diabetes with neuropathy for the past 4 years. On the Chi Machine immediately I had feeling and improved circulation in my feet and ankles. I am looking forward to allowing my students to benefit from the Chi Machine who are young diabetic children, as well as those with neurological problems and brain injuries. Some of them cannot exercise and will be helped with the increased blood circulation provided by the Chi Machine."

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Armida Cervera
Indio, CA 92201

"I wanted to send you this note just to tell you that I have been using the Chi Machine for both personal and business matters. I am a therapist and have been using the machine mainly for patients with severe stress and circulatory disorders. I have had fantastic results and as a bonus, my patients have referred me to other patients, which caused my revenue to increase. The Chi Machine has paid for itself!"

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Trager Practitioners

Deborah Hudson M.S.W.
Trager Practitioner, Psychotherapist
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L3A7

"I love my Chi Machine. As a Trager practitioner I do not receive as much body-work as I give but I find my Chi Machine creates the trager feeling in my body. I knew after 30 seconds of experiencing the Chi Machine that I had to have one for myself. Thank you for creating it."

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Yoga Instructors

Carol Anne Kemen
Yoga For Life
Yoga Instructor
Viroqua, Wisconsin

"In my one-on-one yoga classes I have my students use the Chi Machine before our session. My students love the peaceful state of being and the way their spine opens. The poses become deeper and more accessible to them."

Sarah Scott
Yoga Teacher
Plano, TX

"My husband and I tried The Chi Machine and immediately felt and understood the benefits. It is great for increasing circulation, relaxation and relieving stress. I also plan to use it with my Yoga students."

Carol A. Stall
Yoga Instructor
Namaste USA
Richardson, TX

"I have been the sole proprietor of Carol Stall Yoga & Bodywork, a holistic business offering yoga classes and bodywork for private clients in the Dallas area since 1990. In 1996 I purchased my first Sun Ancon Chi Machine. As I had experienced the health enhancing benefits of being on The Chi Machine prior to purchasing my own machine, I quickly realized that this would be of tremendous benefit to my bodywork clients.

I began using The Chi Machine with all my clients, having them begin their sessions on The Chi Machine. My clients love their time on The Chi Machine and report that it not only helps them to relax more quickly but also helps their bodies to hold the benefits of their bodywork sessions for a longer time.

From my perspective, using The Chi Machine with my clients makes my work much easier and less stressful on my hands, shoulders, arms, and back. Because the client's body and mind are already more relaxed when I begin the session with them, I am able to do more with them in the allotted appointment time.

I am now the co-owner of Namaste USA, a Yoga Teacher Training program that offers 200 and 500-hour certifications. I now wish to become a Distributor in order to introduce the benefits of The Chi Machine to a whole new circle of prospective health oriented consumers."

Patricia Fiorette
Yoga Teacher
Dallas, TX

"I loved the results The Chi Machine had on me and immediately could see how it could be used with my students in Yoga. I work with a group of clients who have HIV and other conditions. I had them experience The Chi Machine and they loved it! I will keep using it with them as well as others."

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